Thursday, September 03, 2009


Inviting every artists to join “RIDEaLIFE” project by exhibiting your art works inspired by bicycle.  

Due to the global warming crisis situation making more of us switched to reducing the usage of energy. Riding a bicycle is one alternative to help reducing energy usage and there has been so many campaigns trying to support this matter, making more and more people became interested in riding bicycle even ARTISTS or DESIGNERS are also interested. So we came up with an ideas because we are bicycle riders anyway why don’t we get together and create an ARTS Exhibition to help create good image of bicycle riding, because in the past government had been promoting these campaign in such an old-fashioned way and web board people were always disagreeing among them selves. As we artists normally working with CREATIVITY we might be able to express and create an art work in different angles.

These kinds of projects happened in many countries oversea and were attended by many famous ARTISTS. So we would like to invite ARTISTS, DESIGNERS and interested people who have passion for bicycles to send their art piece of work to join “RIDEaLIFE” project. Any kind of art works are most welcome to join whether its  Installation Art, Media Art, Short Film, Motion Graphic, Photography, Graphic Design, Illustrate, Street Art, Typography, Sculpture, Product Design, Fashion Design, Etc …

In the first stage we will show the art works in In this stage please send your art works in jpg 72 dpi (must be able to view clearly on screen), then if there are good feedback we will arrange to exhibit in further stage.

This project will become a part of BANGKOK DESIGNER FESTIVAL 2009 which will be held in October 09. As the website will be launch 1st September 09 as refer on the billboard, please send your art works before end of August 09 but for art works send after August 09 will be used for updates on the website later on.

Thank you so much and very nice to work with you.



MOBILE : 08-1910-5673



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